by Lorraine Divone, NARSAD Production and Art Director

Daisies by Ruth McDowell

Daisies, 14 3/4" x 22 1/4" Watercolor, by Ruth McDowell (sold out)

Ruth grew up in a large family and was the middle child of seven. Communicating was always difficult for her.  She painted in order to articulate some of her thoughts and emotions and was given positive reinforcement from her parents. Ruth began her artistic career as an abstract expressionist and has since evolved into doing more realistic, uplifting work. She worked as a nurse for over twenty years. Ruth has mild bipolar affective disorder, diagnosed in 1985. Her medication keeps her stable and enables her to work, paint and enjoy life. She feels a compulsion to paint and gets great joy from the results. Ruth is a widow with two children and four grandchildren and lives in Oregon.

NARSAD Artworks

‘Daisies’ is sold out on the NARSAD Artworks website, however, there are several other pieces of art from Ruth McDowell available online. Visit NARSAD Artworks: