Imagine if everyone did one thing…

by Abbey Chakalis, NARSAD manager of Special Events

It has been my experience that most people want to help, or do the right thing or simply make someone happy – the joy of giving.  I think we all can relate to that coming out of the holiday season.  That also goes with the idea that the majority of people are good.  And, if you are reading this then the odds are that you are one of those good people.  I have also found that the one thing that keeps people from helping, doing the right thing or pleasing someone is that sometimes they don’t know how.  Yes, I think it is that simple.

Why do I think it is that simple?

In my position at NARSAD I work with some very special people. As manager of special events one of my responsibilities is to work with volunteers who would like to hold a benefit event to raise funds for NARSAD.  From high school students to grandparents – they are siblings, parents, and friends of people suffering from mental illness, and they come with a mission in their hearts and minds.  Some volunteers come to me with their dream for an event but really don’t know how to turn that dream into a reality.

I come to work every day and I am in awe of the people who contact me.  I speak with parents that have just lost a child and one of their first plans of action is to hold an event to memorialize their beloved and raise funds for research.  There are no words!  I hear from high school students who have a friend that suffers from depression and they want to sell jewelry to help fund research;  A mom whose son suffers from bipolar disorder who is selling cupcakes to help fund research;  A golf outing, a soccer game, gifts from a wedding, a concert – people coming up with fun and creative ways to help.

Unfortunately, it is not enough – we must do more.  We need more volunteers.  We need more events to raise funds and spread the word so that more people will hold events and spread the word.  I have a number of responsibilities in my position.  One of which is to encourage YOU to do “One thing” – Team Up For NARSAD and raise funds for brain and behavior research.  As you now know, I believe that you would like to help but don’t know how and that everyone enjoys giving and helping those in need.  I can help you zero in on your resources – your family and friends – and produce a fundraiser or activity with a handful of people or large group – from a garage sale to a walk.  If we are going to come up with improved treatments or find a cure we need your help.   Please contact me at so you and I can find one thing that you can do to raise funds for NARSAD and help in the fight against mental illness.

Imagine…if everyone did one thing.

Team Up for NARSAD and hold your own fundraising event to benefit NARSAD
Volunteer by holding your own fundraising event to benefit NARSAD


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