This week Guy Fessenden is running through Dallas, Texas, continuing his journey across the United States in a personal campaign – ‘A Father’s Journey’ – to raise money in support of breakthrough scientific research for mental illness. Guy is running 140 marathons in 140 days hoping to increase awareness of the cause as he goes. He’s already taken more than 1 million steps and run 1,000 miles!

Running in Dallas: Guy Fessenden is joined on a run through Dallas by Dr. Sherwood Brown, Domingo Davila, Christina Howard, Dr. Chad Rethorst, Kolette Ring, all of UT Southwestern.

Monday, Nov. 22, Guy ran on the campus of UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. UT Southwestern is home to several NARSAD investigators researching the causes and better treatments for mental illness – specifically schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and PTSD. During his visit, NARSAD Independent Investigator Lisa Monteggia gave Guy a tour of her lab. Dr. Monteggia is currently researching the fast-acting antidepressant effects of the drug ketamine in order to develop antidepressants that act much faster than the currently available SSRIs.

Guy Fessenden visits NARSAD Independent Investigator Lisa Monteggia in her lab at UT Southwestern.

Some of the UT Southwestern psychiatry department ran with Guy to a welcome reception at the university library. The reception was held in conjunction with the Vital (A)(R)(T) exhibit sponsored by the National Network of Depression Centers. Most of the featured artists know the challenges of living with mental illness firsthand. Many live or have lived with depression themselves. Others experience it through family members or close friends who are depressed.

As Guy runs through Texas and on to California, you can run with him! Join Guy for a few (or many) steps of his 100 marathons in 140 days. Tweet @afathersjourney or e-mail to connect with Guy on A Father’s Journey. Follow Guy at, track his progress as he runs, and support his cause!