NARSAD Online – a Whole New Experience!

by Josh Okun, NARSAD Manager of Web Services

As the Manager of Web Services for NARSAD, it thrills me every time we add new things to the website. The latest online development for NARSAD is a Flickr photo gallery! Our gallery will be organized similarly to how the White House’s official Flickr gallery is set up – using sets. Each set contains photos from different NARSAD events. The first few sets on our Flickr gallery are photos from the three events that took place at the end of October – the NARSAD Scientific Dinner, Mental Health Research Symposium and National Awards Dinner. The photos currently on our Flickr gallery were taken by Charles Manley and Caryn Leigh Pasnansky – we’d like to offer a huge THANK YOU to Charles and Caryn for their great work!

In addition to NARSAD photos being posted online, we are also adding new videos throughout our website. All of our videos are also hosted on YouTube. We have some great videos on our YouTube page including interviews with some of the top mental health researchers in the world (answering frequently asked questions about their primary research topics), videos of NARSAD staff (ever wonder what we really look like?), and our “To Find a Cure” video explaining the importance of mental health research and NARSAD’s contribution to the field.

We are also proud of the work we’ve been doing on Facebook. If you have not “Liked” the NARSAD Facebook page, we would love your support! On our Facebook page, we make daily wall posts with information about not only NARSAD, but the entire mental health research community. One day you might see us post about a new article all about breakthrough mental health research and the next day you might see us post about a television program airing soon about mental illness. Of course we also talk about upcoming NARSAD events and other events being held to help support NARSAD and our mission such as A Father’s Journey and Running Free with K-Wayne 5K Run/Walk.

Last, but certainly not least, I also encourage you to sign up to receive eNews from NARSAD. eNews from NARSAD is a monthly email newsletter containing lots of great information about NARSAD, the field of mental health research, upcoming events, and mental health facts. Each issue features one exciting Breakthrough article explaining important research being conducted by a NARSAD investigator. In addition, each issue includes a Discovery article about new research being done and a Recovery article featuring an interview with a person or family member living with mental illness and their story of hope.

Here is how to access all of the above:

Flickr Photo Gallery:



eNews from NARSAD:

Thank you for supporting NARSAD (and me by visiting this blog, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, and reading eNews)! We always welcome suggestions and comments, so please do not hesitate to let me know your thoughts:



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