The NEW face of NARSAD

by Josh Okun, NARSAD Manager of Web Services

The past couple of months at NARSAD have been filled with exciting new ideas, creative improvements to online and print publications, and hours of trial and error. With new staff members joining the NARSAD team, and fresh organizational goals and perspectives set in place, a positive and upbeat energy has permeated throughout the office.

One new idea recently generated by some of the brilliant minds at NARSAD was the brand new eNewsletter – eNews from NARSAD. This is the newest publication to be offered by NARSAD, full of great content, photos, links to relevant articles and stories, and more. eNews from NARSAD is the first email communication with our constituents to be delivered consistently every month. eNews from NARSAD can be viewed online at: I encourage you to subscribe to this monthly online publication so you can stay updated with NARSAD news, mental health research findings, and upcoming NARSAD events.

Another big project I have been working on (with a great team of colleagues) is Team Up for NARSAD (honestly, just about everyone on the NARSAD staff web page had a hand in developing Team Up!). This awesome event has been a work-in-progress for almost five months and I was so excited (and still am) to launch Team Up this past Tuesday! It took meeting after meeting with different staff members to really flesh out all of the ideas behind this unique online fundraising initiative. Not to mention the hours of time I’ve spent testing the platform and software (big thanks to the support team at Global Cloud). After months of hard work and planning, Team Up for NARSAD opened to the public and in just three days lots of people have registered, several teams have been created and the fundraising efforts are already contributing to finding cures for mental health disorders!

Doesn’t Team Up for NARSAD sound like fun? Check it out at It only takes a couple of minutes to sign up and create (or join) a team.

Champion the cause!

Team Up for NARSAD!


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